Friday, October 11, 2013

Ecoding experience

After my first night of TEI, I was wondering if I could finish the leaf.  I don't know if it was reading Thoreau's scribble or all the symbols associated with TEI, but I was exhausted.  GIMP was a great source to use because of it's abilities, but I still couldn't read a good amount of the words, and the different codes to remember was just too much.  I had to take several breaks throughout the process because I just couldn't focus on the project.  When all was said and done, I had many errors in my encoding, but it was just a first draft.

When I went to class on Monday, I learned about a few more tricks that could help me out with my leaf, and I was feeling a little more optimistic.  Probably the biggest help was the reading document that was provided to us in dropbox.  When I went home and started to read some of the document, I realized that I had seen a lot of the same sentences in my encoding, and all of a sudden, the words that were at first "illegible" became very much legible.  This document changed the project for me and suddenly I was picking up steam and reading Thoreau's handwriting much easier.

As far as the encoding goes, I learned something new about it each class.  The first class I learned the basics(which wasn't quite enough).  The class following that, I learned a lot more about adding things to the encoding, and that is also when I discovered the reading doc.  Last class I got a better grasp on strikethroughs and deletions as well as metamarks.

I'm fairly confident that I did well on this project.  I know I'm just a beginner in text encoding, but with the pieces of advice that I got, I was able to produce something that shows my comprehension.

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